Design: Creating an Advertisement for a Fake Product

This piece is a project I completed where I was asked to create an advertisement for a fake company that is straight to the point and conveys the products meaning clearly and concisely.

Image taken from Google Images

Project Description:

This advertisement is brought to you by Peak Equipment, the premiere mountain gear company. Peak Equipment’s Advertisement is promoting their latest addition, the ultra-grip boot. While the advertisement is promoting you to go out and purchase the boot, the advertisement is not selling the boots. It is selling the hiker lifestyle. This is the lifestyle of someone who is outdoorsy, adventurous and ambitious. This lifestyle is commodified through the imagery, colours, and text shown in the ad. The imagery shows a woman, or what we assume is a woman based on signifiers like the ponytail and leggings, she is standing on the peak of a mountain, she has her arms wide open embracing the outdoors and the endless scenery and possibilities beyond her. While we are able to assume, she is in fact female, her face is not shown, giving us, the viewer, the ability to place ourselves within the ad as her. The boots are not the focal point of the advertisement as what they look like does not matter as much as what they can do and what they can give us. What they can do is take you here, take you on this journey and help give you this sense of achievement. The colours within the ad are warm, light, and glowing. The sun is shining over the mountain, yet the sun is not above the subject. The subjects head is higher than the sun, giving the impression of being “on top of the world”. The colour of the boots is so close to that of the rock beneath them that they almost blend together, representing the connection to nature. While the colours of the brand and the slogan are soft and earthy, the colours of the product name are bold and brave. The viewers eye is drawn to them and then can slowly drift up towards the subject and the sun. The text reads “taking you to new heights” in which the viewer is told, through the purchase of this commodity, you too can have this lifestyle, this moment, this freedom, this height. The advertisement works through a system of signs and signifiers giving meaning to the commodity. The colours of the sun and the horizon creating that feeling of ambition, the woman’s green sweater and green mountains creating the connection between man and earth. In addition, the subjects pose, with great open arms looking out to the beyond, a feeling of accomplishment and success. While it may seem typical of a mountain equipment ad to place a subject on the peak of a mountain, Peak equipment does this because this is the ultimate goal of a hiker. This is the ultimatum and the boots must be able to get you there and grip this rock, so she does not slip or stumble on the way. Thus, the name “ultra-grip”. This ad is not trying to be clever, or to appropriate any subculture. It promises that the product in question can do its job and can do it well.

  • The gear is meant for action and must be seen in action
  • This advertisement represents the concept of commodity fetishism, which claims that social meaning is attached to and embodied by a commodity. These commodities speak to the consumer as more than just a simple product, but as something that can bring meaning to their life.
  • Other advertisements for mountain gear show subjects on a hike, on the way to the peak of a mountain or whatever final destination. This advertisement differentiates itself from the competition by showing that end goal and
  • The colours in the ad create a joyful and hopeful feeling, this ensures that the image cannot be interpreted to be something darker.

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