Process Post – The Data Trail: Leaving crumbs or covering your tracks

As a communications major, I am well aware of the data footprint I create, and I am very cautious as to what I do on the internet and what sites I am giving my data too. Personally, I don’t enjoy the idea of algorithms tracking me, however, when it does work to benefit my online life, I will allow it. I try to always read any agreements given to me and try not to engage in too much clickbait. However, I wouldn’t say that I am OVERLY careful. There are some occasions where I just don’t care. I almost feel as though my data is worthless (which of course it isn’t) but sometimes I have a “here, take it!” attitude. I can’t always take the time to cover my tracks and so far, I haven’t had any negative repercussions from this. The advertisements and pop ups that are coded towards me are always relevant to things I am interested in, so they don’t particularly bother me. If they do, I will turn on my adblocker, the simple fix.

In terms of my own website, it would be useful to know who my readers are, when they go online, what they search for, etc. However, since my website is majorly a professional portfolio, my target audience is potential employers. Perhaps it seems invasive or creepy, but I would definitely find it useful to know what potential employers are doing online so that I could better connect with them and appeal to them on a more personal level.

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