Response to Peer Review 2

This peer review I was reviewed by the creator of the blog “Mel’s Lavish Luggage”. The writer mentioned a lot of good points regarding the overall design of my page. However, unfortunately I had some issues with WordPress the past two weeks which affected the template of my website. I was testing out some other templates for my site as I wanted to customize some elements that my template wasn’t allowing me to do. I installed a template that had a lot of options but it ended up malfunctioning and I couldn’t change it. So I was left with a template that formatted all my content in a way that was very “off brand” and visually unappealing. I just fixed this issue yesterday after contacting WordPress and re setting my whole blog. Now I have selected a much better template that allows for more appealing design elements. Unfortunately this means that much of what Mel wrote is inapplicable to my blog now. However, I appreciated her suggestion of creating a separate page for Posiel. I admired that she did this on her blog and I would be interested in doing that as well if I can figure out the logistics (how do I separate blog posts into two different pages?). While I was customizing my new theme I did take into account the comments Mel made on balance and proportion regarding images and headers.

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