Analyzing the Design Elements of

For this process post I am examining the website of Canadian influencer and reality television star Jillian Harris. This website is a lifestyle blog appealing to adult women interested in fashion, cooking, and home décor. Jillian Harris has a very obvious brand that is made apparent through the use of a clear colour palette, font selection, and format. For this post, I will focus mainly on the home page of the website using five design principles.


The balance of this website is quite good. There use of white space allows for the website to avoid feeling cluttered or too busy. The website is very symmetrical and does not feel too heavy or too light in any area.


The rhythm of the site allows the visitor to move through the space in a positive way. First, the eye goes to the name of the site (the brand), then flows to the latest post, and then afterwards the eye flows to the navigation bar in order to seek other information based on the users preferences.  


The use of proportion and scale allows the reader/visitor to understand the importance and hierarchy of the content on the website. In the top right-hand corner, there is a button “visit the JH SHOP”. The colouring and size of this button stress the importance of it, compared to the other menu items on the same eye-line as it.


The website uses a contrast of colour to differentiate sections of the website and to draw attention to other pages. However, the contrast is quite dull (well this is on brand) it does not do an excellent job to differentiate content on the website.


The unity of the website is, in my opinion, the most successful element on the website. All of the colours, fonts, and forms work together to create a sense of harmony within the website.

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