Peer Review – Raincity Closet

I am reviewing “Raincity Closet” a Vancouver weather-based fashion blog. It appears that the website is a personal blog, as the creator stated that she will mainly be posting photos/videos that feature her own wardrobe. The site aesthetic is reflective of the site tag line “everything sweet and cozy”. She uses a background image of fairy lights and sticks to a pinky-purple colour palette. The aesthetic does give the website a very warm and cozy feeling; however, having a background image can be distracting so I would suggest a different, more neutral one. In addition, the current one does little to reflect the topic of the site. The image has polaroid photos strung up on fairy lights, which visually is pretty, but doesn’t connect to the websites content. I would suggest playing off of the rain of “Raincity” for the background image.

The website has four pages; Home, Posiel, About, and Blogs. However, only the home page has content so far. I would suggest adding content to each page accordingly. For the content that has been posted so far, I noticed a few grammatical errors and more importantly I cannot identify the ‘voice’ of the website yet. In “Process Post 1” I can see a good connection to the course material as she is very concerned with finding a topic for her website that resonates with her passions and hobbies. She solves this problem by creating a vision board and connecting her love of fashion to the conditions of the city she lives in.

The posts lack a unified voice or personality. I cannot tell who the blogger is and why she is different than any other fashion blogger. She has only posted one blog post on fashion and it was quite short and non-descriptive. I think it is important to establish the blog’s brand and voice first before anything else. There are thousands of fashion blogs on the Internet, so why should I visit this particular one? I recommend making a plan to ensure you find a distinct voice and point of view for the blog.  You clearly have a good sense of fashion but since you are dealing with a highly competitive market you have to ensure that you are contributing something new to readers. I think doing a fashion blog dedicated to cold/rainy weather is unique, perhaps you could add some content pertaining on rainy/ cold day activities and the perfect outfits for them?

Overall, I think the voice/tone of the brand is not yet identified and the content is sparse. However, I do think this creator has a good starting point to expand upon and a good amount of knowledge on the topic to utilize.

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