The Unenlightenment

After reading Craig Mod’s article “How I Got My Attention Back” I wonder what life would be like if I followed in his footsteps and went offline for a while. We are very immersed in digital media today; we have access to communication in the palm of our hands 24/7. Being ‘online’ means that you are accessible, connected, and actively participating in the online community. Therefore, by removing yourself from that and going ‘offline’, you are completely disconnecting yourself from society. I agree with Mod’s comments that the internet is overwhelming and that our attention is suffering. We can pay attention to our screens for hours on end but take them away from us and suddenly we don’t know what to do. We can’t pay attention on simple tasks because we are thinking about what is going on online. Who is texting me? Who emailed me? Is there any news? Has anyone liked my photo? Our mind is constantly falling towards the digital world and it cannot stay present in the offline world. I think it would be very interesting to try and go completely offline (as long as there is no risk) to reconnect my mind to the physical world in front of me. I think it would be very beneficial in progressing one’s mental health, personal skills, and fitness. Without a screen in front of me, I would be very inclined to go on walks or runs, read books, and try new hobbies. Thinking of being offline reminds me of being a kid. Sure, the Internet existed during my childhood but not in the way it does today, and I certainly did not grow up in front of a screen. I mainly played outside or with real toys. When I was lonely, I asked my friend to come over. When I wanted to try something new, instead of watching videos about it, I just went and did it. Being offline allowed for me to live in the present moment and I think all of society could benefit from doing that every once and a awhile. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is amazing, and it is extremely beneficial in our social and professional lives. However, everything should be in moderation and yet the Internet is coming in a full dose. Mod’s ideas present important points about societies attention span and their inability to disconnect from the web. I can’t ask the world to go offline for a month because logistically it wouldn’t work for many people. However, I can strongly urge everyone to think about the amount of time spent online and what you could be doing offline during that time.

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