Marvel’s Black Widow Has a Mission to Save the Planet

Hey readers, my name is Black Widow, you may know me from the Marvel world. I am a superhero trying to make up for the dark things I have done in my past. I have no superhuman abilities and yet I am still considered a superhero. My story goes to show that anyone can be a hero as long as they are dedicated. Are you looking to be a hero for the planet? You don’t need any superhuman abilities, batons, or my black widow’s bite, you just need passion. In order to save the planet from this climate change crisis, you must be willing to make changes in your daily life, and willing to take some bigger steps.  You need to fight back against the evil villains, the corporations and capitalists that are taking advantage of the planet for their own profit. Hack their problematic systems and change the way we operate here on Earth. The clock is ticking, will you join me on this superhero mission?

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