Creating the site.

This week I created my website “In the seams”. After setting up my domain through Reclaim Hosting, I installed WordPress to edit the website. I am still deciding on some of the design aspects of the site and I am still figuring out how to execute them properly. I began by creating my ‘nav’ menu (the navigation bar) and I created three headings where I will feature academic, fashion design, and interior design work. I also chose my main site colours which are a shade of yellow and black. I feel that these colours really reflect the aesthetic I aspire for for my site. I felt very disappointed by WordPress’s design choices, as I thought it was supposed to be a WYSIWYG site editor, but it does not have a lot of options and is quite confusing. So I browsed some other Plugins and installed “Elementor”. This Plugin allows for me to design and style the site the way I want too without having to dig up my coding knowledge. For any setup support or technical questions, I turned to the Internet. I found many YouTube videos that helped me figure out the system, such as the following video “” . In addition I found a useful step-by-step guide which can be found here: ““.

What I have created so far reflects my ‘vision’ as it is merging two of my passions together, design and sustainability. I plan to keep the site very aesthetically pleasing, very minimalistic, and fresh. I still have a long way to go in terms of the physical appearance of the site but each time I write a new post, I am figuring out exactly what I want for my site. What can I say, the details are all “In the seams”.

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