My name is Melissa Hudson and I am currently 21 years old living in Vancouver Canada. I am a fourth year undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University. I major in Communications and minor in Publishing. My degree teaches me skills in digital media, graphic design, digital marketing, journalism, and cultural studies. A lot of my degree requires academic writing and I tend to cater my work towards the fashion industry. My schooling has prepared me for a career in the communications field and I plan to enter the world of fashion communication. This portfolio and blog highlights my work within and around the industry. The work showcases my creativity, eye for design, and skills in artistic direction. 



The Editorial section of my website showcases my writing, graphic design, and creative directing. The work centres around topics such as fashion, feminism, and art. 


The Styling section of my website showcases fashion work that I have done such as moodboards, photoshoots, and blogs.


The Posiel section is for a University course that I am enrolled in. We are required to create weekly posts for the course based on the given prompts.